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Stephen Sills: Decoration

Stephen Sills: Decoration
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Stephen Sills (Autor): Decoration. Karl Lagerfeld (Vorwort), Francois Harlard (Fotograf).... mehr
"Stephen Sills: Decoration"

Stephen Sills (Autor): Decoration.
Karl Lagerfeld (Vorwort), Francois Harlard (Fotograf).
Abmessungen: 26,3 x 3,6 x 31,4 cm. The first book to focus on the solo residential work of the visionary interior decorator Stephen Sills. Simultaneously classical and modern, Stephen Sills's design work is a dialogue between past and present. Filled with luxurious fabrics, furnishings from across centuries, and unusual finishes, his work is polished, seemingly effortless, and quietly rich, with a muted color palette that serves as a brilliant foil for modern art.

"Stephen Sills: Decoration"
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